Temporary Auto Importation to Mexico (Permits) in Santa Maria, CA and Guadalupe, CA

Required documents to request for a Temporal Vehicle Importation to Mexico:
Documentos requeridos para tramitar el permiso para viajar en su vehiculo a Mexico:

  1. Vehicle Registration
    Registracion del Vehiculo
  2. Driver License (U.S. License), for each one of Driver.
    Licencia de Manejar de U.S.A.
  3. Credit Card Visa or MasterCard
    Tarjeta de credito VISA o Mastercard
  4. Green Card, American Passport Card or Passport
    Tarjeta de Residencia, Pasaporte Americano.

A Temporary Vehicle Importation Permit is a permit that allows non-Mexican citizens to take a vehicle across the border into Mexico from United States. It is required for areas outside the free or border

At Eagle Service Insurance in Santa Maria, California we can help you to obtain this Permit through Banjercito. The Temporary Vehicle Importation Permit is valid only in Mexico Territory.

If you are planning to drive a vehicle beyond the Mexico Free Zone you will need to purchase a Mexico Temporary Vehicle Importation Permit. It is valid for any type of vehicle weighing less than three tons, for up to six months (180 days).

Request this permit here at least 30 days before the planned date of your trip!!